Monday, December 21, 2009

Any luck with TimeWise庐 Firming Eye Cream?

does anyone have any good stories and luck with the TimeWise庐 Firming Eye Cream actually working and taking away their dark undereye circles? Thank you!Any luck with TimeWise庐 Firming Eye Cream?
There isn't anything that will take away the dark circles unless you rest them periodically throughout the day...creams are useless...if you have an ongoing's because of your skin tone, and your inherited genes...try a gel filled eye mask to sleep in, the ones that you can warm up, or go to an eye doctor..more often than not, eye drops can help.Any luck with TimeWise庐 Firming Eye Cream?
Tried it wasnt great.

I started using Arbonnes Eye cream and Lift serum...and thats GOOOOOD stuff!!
Well I haven't had experience with that particular cream but what I can tell you is that Time Wise products I've used are very very good.

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