Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good firming or slimming creams? (10 points)?

i think that slimming creams are made for making you look slimmer, which was i want, but i also want my stomach slightly tighter, so do i need a firming cream as well? which one would i need?

i was wondering if anybody knows of good firming or slimming creams that are available in england, under about 拢15/, work really well and they reccomend? :)

thankyouu peoplee...xGood firming or slimming creams? (10 points)?
idk whats in england but L'Oreal Sublime Slim maybe???Good firming or slimming creams? (10 points)?
the answer what audery said that is good the nivea one is too because i remember it getting 1st place on how to look good naked
snake oil

there are no such items.

I do have a bridge for sale....
Experience has taught me that the dreaded word ';exercise'; works best for firming and tightening body parts. I know everyone wants the instant fix for everything now days. Reality should tell you, and I'm not trying to be offensive in any way, that if it didn't get that way overnight, it's not going to change overnight. I want to help you honestly. I have 8-pack abs and I'm going to tell you my routine which does NOT need to be done at some gym everyday. Should you like a pic, send me your email and I'll gladly send you one. Our results will be obvious in 2 months time in the mirror, ok ? First know that eating large meals at one time stretch the stomach. Eating smaller meals 6 times a day is called ';grazing'; and will assist in reducing stomach size. Additionally you'll be building muscles around a smaller stomach cavity and you'll soon not be able to eat large meals having tightened your stomach muscles around a smaller cavity. Additionally, sit-ups work the upper stomach area. Leg raises will do the ';lower abdominals';. In the morning, when you awaken, scoot your rear-end down to the foot of the bed and fold your legs up on top of you. Then, extend your legs kind of like riding a bicycle and keep pulling up and then extending them for a few repetitions. Take a break, then repeat, break, repeat. When you first begin, you only want to do say three sets of six or 8 repetitions as it'll hurt the next day, and we don't want you to hate the exercise, but get used to it gradually and almost pain free. As you get used to it, do more sets and then add repetitions. Then, reduce the numbers again and do the ecercise fully extending your legs and raising and lowering them. In fact, if you lie on your bed right now and hold your legs up just an inch off the mattress, then touch your abdomen and you'll see how taught it is. Inlike other muscles which must be rested two days in between exercises, the stomach can be done daily. Good luck ! Any questions? Let me know... ';AB Man';

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