Saturday, December 26, 2009

What is the best cream to make your breast firm?

since i have had 7 kids i am 40 now but my breast are not firm no more i do not want pills are there any creams i can put on them thanksWhat is the best cream to make your breast firm?
wrong section.

stupid question.What is the best cream to make your breast firm?
do you have a tattoo on them?
try the wired bra
this is a ';recipe'; from a book called the ultimate natural beauty book by joesphine fairley. this is what they have to say:


The firming action isn't caused just by the coldness of the liquid ----- wise women used to prescribe lady's mantle (alchemille mollis) for breats that were sagging due to childbearing or just plain old gravity's effects; a few weeks of this should make anyone's breasts wonderbra-worthy again

10 cups lady's mantle leaves and/or flowers

2 1/2 cups freshly boiled filtered, mineral, or rainwater

Place leaves and flowers in a large heatproof bowl nad pour the boiling water over, to make tisane. steep for 10 min and allow to cool. soak 2 washcloths in the liquid, wring the exess back into the bowl, and place cloths over both breasts. relax for 10-15 min. pour the rest of the liquid into a screw-top jar and refridgerate. repeat daily.
use palmers coco butter lotion. it will help some but nothing i really know that will solve that problem. and will help with strech marks too
i don't think creams will do much they'll show maybe, MAYBE some improvement but nothing drastic.
try Victorias Secret
ummm sperm :D
well first see if there is actually such of a thing ask in baby stores maybe if u have a mother maternity store or something like in go there it NEVER hurts to ask!!!
can you say, Boob Job!!!!鈥?/a>
no there isnt..all thoes things they cream that gets rid of strech marks? all that crap is fake.
I have been using Olay. Works wonders!

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