Thursday, December 31, 2009


i noe i sound a little stupid... but im confused. what is firming cream and how does it work and stuff. what's the best one? does it make you loose weight, or seem like you weigh less or something? im confused. please... just tell me like whatevr u noe. thanks. :)WHAT IS FIRMING CREAM??!!!?
Firming cream is cream that tightens your skin. It makes it firmer, literally. It can be used on your legs, face, arms, and stomach, anywhere your skin has wrinkles or cellulite.

I don't think it makes you lose weight, but it I know it can make you lose inches. I've seen a firming cream that loses inches off your thighs because it eliminates the cellulite by tightening the skin.

I'm not really sure what is the best one because I've never used it, but I do know that brands like Suave, Nivea, and Jergens make these kinds of lotions, and if you research their product reviews, you can see how well they've worked for other people.

Hope this helps!WHAT IS FIRMING CREAM??!!!?
hahah no you put it on your face. Its like wrinkle cream.. it makes you look younger (and firmer)

it gives you firmer skin.

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