Monday, December 21, 2009

Best firming eye cream?

I am starting to get a few wrinkles and bags under my eyes and was wondering what is the best eye cream for that. I have tried Mary Kay's firming eye cream and found that I liked it, but I was wondering if there is anything better. Price is an issue, I'm not looking for something more than $20. I know ebay has reasonable prices on the expensive stuff sometimes. Any input would help.. Thanks :)Best firming eye cream?
biotherm eye cream.. they have a whole line of different products that are amazing. Anything from them works well. I have really dry skin that becomes irritated by many products, but not biotherm. Try it, you'll fall in loveBest firming eye cream?
The Oil of Olay eye contour gel works wonders and is also cool and refreshing. It is well below your budget.
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