Saturday, December 26, 2009

Breast Firming creams? Please help!?

Im really curious to know if there are any breast firming creams out there that really work? Im only 22 Years old and have been on birth control since i was 14 due to horrible cramps i used to get. i recently messed up taking it and had to skip it for a month and restart and in that month my breasts have signifigately like deflated. is it just because i wasnt getting the normal hormones from my pills? and like i used to know when i was getting my period because they would get really sore and now that doesnt even happen. they seem to have alot more excess skin. I am a 34D// DD depending on the bra and have been since i was like 15. and its really embaressing to wear a bikini because they are so squishy looking. please help and let me know anything i can possibly do about this :] thank you. I have been looking into firming creams and doing some exercising that is said to help? anyone know anything about ';The Perfect Women Breast enhancement cream';?

Thanks!Breast Firming creams? Please help!?
No such thing! Don't waste your time, don't waste your money, don't waste your effort!

The only way to enhance your breasts in through cosmetic plastic surgery!

I would go see a doctor, first, to rule-out any underlying medical condition. Cancer can sometimes cause unexplained weight-loss. Not LIKELY, in your case; but I'd STILL check it out!Breast Firming creams? Please help!?
The birth control pills will cause your breasts to be a little bigger, yes. There's nothing you can do except go on the pill or get surgery. The creams don't work. They're just a waste of money. If you're worried about how they look in a bikini, just get a bikini top that is a push-up.
Sorry, but none of that stuff works, Those creams that you rub into your skin tightens the skin very temporarily, then nothing. if you're that big and it is affecting your health, like sore shoulders, back pain etc, your medical insurance might cover breast reduction.

Good Luck.

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