Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cream to firm your upper eyelids?

Can anyone recommend a cream to firm up your upper eyelids and upper eye area? I'd prefere to buy a cream from a shop, I'm not into shopping on the net. Thanks.Cream to firm your upper eyelids?
Try Vaseline at night. It's really cheap and retains moisture really well, preventing the wrinkles from further deepening.

I wouldn't suggest buying a really expensive eye cream. I just watched this report on a nighttime news program (dateline, 20/20?) about anti-wrinkle creams. Even the most expensive ones don't really work!Cream to firm your upper eyelids?
probebly olay im not sure im young $_$
There is a surgical option called blepharoplasty which can be performed on the National Health Service.
I use ALMAY(r) Bright Eyes Color Cream Shadow, It comes in pink and blue, you can buy it in walmart for a buck.
Avon do an eye cream that is for upper and lower eyes, different creams for each but come in the same pot.
Keep your money the only thing that's likely to work is an ';eye lift';
body shop
Olay has the best eye creams.
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