Monday, December 21, 2009

I need suggestions on firming creams, serums, or anything that works.?

I will be turning forty next month and I noticed my eyelids starting to sag. I need a firming cream or something that will firm up my face and eyes. Has anyone tried something that you found works really well? I have somewhat sensitive skin, as I am light complected with freckles. I know I am predisposed to early aging and I wear makeup with SPF. All I really need is a new product. Any suggestions will be helpfull.I need suggestions on firming creams, serums, or anything that works.?
There are not any magical creams, serums. Anything you simply apply to skin is going to do very little if anything at all. And many ridiculously expensive designer products have so many skin harming, skin aging toxic ingredients. Some users have reported they have caused itchy, blistery skins, rashes, bumps and even acne.(You can verify with a Google search). This safe treatment gives really good fast results and it's using low cost natural oils. Pure olive oil is excellent. It doesn't harm skin but naturally benefits skin in countless ways, keeps it youthful and is a perfect moisturizer. If you massage thoroughly you will quickly see the results even in one day. Skin will tighten, start to glow and look and feel smoother. You have to tighten and flex the part being massaged and in doing so it exercises and conditions all face (and some neck) muscles whilst skin is being firmed and conditioned by massage. This is the best safest treatment to revitalize and rejuvenate. It's safe to use on wrinkles (see users comments in my B.A). Simply rub them over and over they will quickly start to diminish and even in a day or two they will have greatly diminished. Try it - you and your bank balance will both benefit. For eyelids and under eye there is no better treatment than facial yoga exercises. And they can assist in rejuvenating entire face and neck. See TIME magazine website dated Thursday, April 24, 2008 enter ';facial yoga'; in SEARCH. The ';lion face';will come up.

Click on it and you will see a selection of other ones. All poses have been developed for conditioning and toning of various face and neck muscles and they greatly reduce wrinkling and can reverse face and neck aging. Lion face and a variation - protruding tongue upwards as if trying to touch nose tip with tongue tip are good for eye areas.

SOURCE(S): 20+years research into safe, natural treatments/cures of skin, scalp and hair problems and anti aging/rejuvenation treatmentsI need suggestions on firming creams, serums, or anything that works.?
why spend a fortune on that stuff when home remedies will do it?!!!!

Cucumber JUICE......(dont work if the cuke isnt very moist) but abstract the JUICE and it works like VITAMIN E and tightening creams

VITAMIN E (of course) but you can find it in wheat germ that you sprinkle on your fruits and yogurts or icecream..RICH in tons of things to help skin, hair and nails!!!

OLIVE OIL!!!!!!!!!

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