Monday, December 21, 2009

Do any breast firming creams work?

thanks.Do any breast firming creams work?
No. The stuff in them makes your breasts extra sensitive and make them have a ';firming'; sensation, to give your mind the illusion that they work, when they really don't.Do any breast firming creams work?
yeah, my cousin used them and they feel great
No, they will make you saggy.
You shouldn't believe everything the marketing people tell you.

Thigh muscle; arm muscle; stomach muscle can be firm by exercises. As for breasts, you best consult a doctor.
of course not.
no , all gimmicks.

..the ONLY way to firm up is exercises, such as the wall press. thats a great one.

Unless you get surgery.
Not that I'v ever heard of.
NO NO NO!!!!!
Great question, hopefully somebody whose tried some will answer.

Mine stay more firm, quite a bit more, with wearing ice circle blocks frozen in sour cream dishes, next putting the ice circle in the bra, the skin turns a bit reddish, cple more inches slowly firm on. The coldness stops at the body bringing in more fat in staving off the cold.

Aprox nine yrs of ice, they're firm.

The coldness takes some adapting.
Depends on who's applying the cream.
I don';t know. As far as i am concerned God gave you what you got and I would would be happy with that. there are exercises to help with firming and that is as far as i would go.You couldn't fool with mother nature.

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