Thursday, December 31, 2009

Eye cream. firm eyelids?

one of my eyes is slightly 'droopier' than the other.

is there any good eye cream I can buy at a drugstore that would fix that

I would get what she's using:鈥?/a>

but I was wondering if there's anything more affordable

(%26amp; surgery isn't an option)Eye cream. firm eyelids?
Most eye creams are designed to be used underneath the eye but there is a fantastic one by Guerlain that can be used all over the eye. It is called Issima Success eye Tech and retails in the U.S for around $96.

I am from the U.K and I use it, it keeps my eyelid and brow bone skin really firm.Eye cream. firm eyelids?
This one is easy, but it takes a bit of work...easy work! Go to the grocery store and buy a bottle of Evian water and a small ice-cube tray. Go home and clean the tray and fill it with the bottled water. Once frozen your routine in the morning will be to take one ice cube and dab it on your eye lids and under your eyes. Repeat at bedtime and watch what happens :)MAGIC:) Then, pat dry with a towel and apply Lancome's High Resolution eye cream. You can find a sample size of it on Ebay or you can buy a regular size jar. I prefer to buy beauty products from Ebay because I am not exactly a fan of having to pay department store price.
you can make your own eye primer potion!

all you need is 3 things :D

1: a small pot to but the primer in

2: white lotion or white body butter

3: foundation (color of your skin tone)

STEP ONE : get the lotion or body butter and mix it WELL with the foundation!

STEP 2: when youre done, test it out if it works! :D

heres the link to where i found on how to make it鈥?/a>

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