Saturday, December 26, 2009

Want bust firming creams are on the market?

Rachael Ray had one on her show about a month ago, search it out

click on TV show %26amp; searchWant bust firming creams are on the market?
Victorias Secret has a fantastic decolette firming mousse/foam. It smells fabulous and feels awesome and tingly, check it out....鈥?/a>Want bust firming creams are on the market?
avon has some but ive never tried it.
Firming creams .......

Ha, waste of time and money! Better off doing exercise and eating healthy.
Hello, you can come here

to find a friend to help, on its blog or forum, it really works
none that work.

But, here are 2 good tips...


Either you or a lover, cup your breasts in easch hand and, hold it tight, (as tight as you feel comfortable with) and massage them in a cicular motion, and pull a bit.

Do that for twenty minutes or so a day, (throughtout the day). At the beginning you won't see/feel much differece, but within a month i had firmer breasts and within 2 months needing bigger bras.




If you have weights (or bags of sugar), hold them in your hands, stand with your arms straight, then lift them up in the hair so your arm is level with your shoulder, then same with your other arm. Do that how ever many times you feel comfortable with, then add on one every day. Not the fastest way, but if you do both, you will see a difference soon.


There's no such thing, only gimmicks.
WASTE OF MONEY. get someone to massage them for you as much as possible. Its the only way!
Better than any creams - two bowls in the shower or bath - fill with icy cold water and dunk em!! regularly!!
How about Formaldehyde,,,,or toilet rolls
Hi Avon does a bust contouring cream, and apprantly it works brilliantly I havent use it before, but load of people recommend it.
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