Saturday, December 26, 2009

It it ever too early to start using anti-aging/firming creams for face?

I am 27It it ever too early to start using anti-aging/firming creams for face?
Definitely not!!! I'm 26 and have been using them since 22. I was told by a beautician that the earlier you start the better as your helping to prevent the damage from happening. The sun ( unfortunately! ) is the biggest cause of facial lines, so always SPF your face. I'm such a sun junkie, but you can still tan even when wearing SPF. Also Lisa E is absolutely right, anti ageing creams can cause breakouts if you have oily skin, so if that sounds like you ( and me! ) just spot treat with eye cream and collagen filler. ( not the needle type, the cream! ) Hope this helps.It it ever too early to start using anti-aging/firming creams for face?
Personally, I started using them at around the age of 18. You really need to watch your sun exposure, drink enough water, and quit smoking (if you do) - those things have a big impact on the health and aging process of the skin.

Just a bit of info, I have far fewer lines around my eyes than a lot of the girls/guys that I see who are 10 years younger than I am. It could be coincidence, genetics, or use of anti-aging products...
I have been using Oil of Olay since I was 16. I am 50 this year and all I have are a very few laugh lines around my eyes.

So I say go for it.

I also recomend staying out of the sun!!!!!
You could start using them now. Just be careful because if you're skin is oily, you may increase breakouts by using oil based moisturizers.
It's different for everyone. Ask your doctor first. I personally think 27 is young.
you are ready! try arbonne's nutrimin c re9 line! they are pure safe and beneficial! plant derived, no animal products or by products! vegan approved! swiss formulated, made in the usa! and the finest products you will ever use!!!!

Your face will thank you!
LOL! Oh, dear child, you haven't even lived long enough to worry about aging. For healthy skin, I would suggest drinking the purest water available to you along with a healthy diet, exercise, a good hygeine routine, and spiritual growth. All the face cream in the world won't hide a mean spirit, so be joyful from the inside out and you won't need the face cream, even when the wrinkles do come.
no! the sooner the better..
Honestly, they don't work. Best thing you can do for your skin is vitamin E cream
27 and already worried about ageing? Wait another decade and ask again. Take many photos now why your skin is still young! You can still age with grace, without all those ridiculous creams.

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