Saturday, December 26, 2009

What can I put in a banana cream pie to make it firm?

I made a banana cream pie from scratch, and chilled it for 24 hours, but it still remained a liquid. What should I do or add to make it stiffen?What can I put in a banana cream pie to make it firm?
try knox unflavored gelatin.I could elaborate but I'll keep it short and sweet. Simply read the instructions.Good luck.The neat thing about cooking is trail and error. when you get it right you receive a sense of accomplishment.As well as the knowledge you gained from finding the solution.What can I put in a banana cream pie to make it firm?
I make banana cream pie by using instant vanilla pudding, then put it in a graham cracker crust add bananas on top, with whipped cream, its always firm that way. Whatever you did I would throw it out once you have cooked it and its still liquid 24 hours later its not going to work out.
I have found that using less liquid is best. Experimenting with the recipe will give you the best result without making major changes to the taste and texture of the pie.

Good eating.
When the mixture is slightly cool, and before putting into pie crust, fold in 2 beaten egg whites. After folding in, fill pie crust and place in refrigerator. that should do the trick.
You need to add unflavoured gelatin to the banana mixture before refridgerating it.

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