Monday, December 21, 2009

What are the best breast cream for firm and big for breastfed breast?

Is there any instant breast cream for some time? After 15months of breastfeeding, my breast's come to the end. I don't want any surgery yet but thining of cream or lotion or something for short term and long term results without very much side effect in the future. Thanks. please share.What are the best breast cream for firm and big for breastfed breast?
hey im in the same boat as you! I think all the creams out there that claim to do that stuff arnt worth the money.

I use lots of moisturiser, and i put lots of it on at night and use a sleep bra, this has helped a lot coz i can really see a difference!What are the best breast cream for firm and big for breastfed breast?
Nope. Sorry, Ma.

For real good results for enlarging the breasts is only possible by using Harmon treatments . These are tried and tested treatment. You have to prepare the ointment and to be applied / rubbed on Breasts Two times a day.

Ointment is to be prepared by mixing

Oestradiol ( Kind of Oestrogen) - 25 milli gram.

Anhydrous Lanolin (Wool Fat) -- 1 gram

Mix these two and make a paste

Liberal amount of this are rubbed over the breasts twice daily for 02 Months. If breast size increases repeat the same after the break of 2 months.

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I am so sorry I have no edia.....
I had the same problem and I am currently using LATAVI (like you I didn't want to do surgery) I am able to tell a difference after 3 1/2 weeks. I HAVE NOT began to increase in size yet.(I HOPE I WILL) but what i have notice is my breast are 65% perkier. I have a nice bust line my breast are not saggy. And they sit better in the bras. so I am Happy with the product so far. I have tried one other cream/ pill and I can't remember the name but i didn't see a difference but using this cream I am seeing the difference. my fiancee says he's able to see the difference and I catch him trying to look in my shirt a lot when I lean over which boost my ego up even more. but I am not able to see a difference size just bust line and and firmness.
Try the stretch mark creams, That stuff works for the marbled lines along the sides of the breast. You can just use Aloe gel with Lidocaine if you are having pain. Then if you need a way to tighten the muscles again to firm them up again, then put a tennis size soft rubber ball in the palms of your hands, and with your fingers straight out, and your arms/elbows at shoulder level, squeeze the ball between your palms repeatedly. If you do this right, your muscles will tighten up in the breast area and help to firm them up to perky again.

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