Monday, December 21, 2009

Have you ever tried a cellulite lotion or cream that actually helped firm the skin?

I have always wondered if there really is any good lotion out there for cellulite, that actually helped minimize the appearence and firm the skin.Have you ever tried a cellulite lotion or cream that actually helped firm the skin?
I have never actually tried a cellulite lotion, but I have heard from multiple sources that the lotions and creams sold by cosmetics companies are mostly ineffective. I've heard cellulite has something to do with connective tissue and the different types of fat cells humans have, which makes the idea of a topical lotion being able to make it go away seem implausible, especially since a bunch of people try to get rid of it with exercise and surgery and it still comes back. At least one fitness instructor (Teresa Tapp, if you would like to check her out) has said that it relates to lymphatic drainage and encourages brushing the skin vigourously after exercising to help your lymph nodes drain your body of toxins. I don't know for sure, but I would say to just keep exercising and focus on what it really healthy, since even skinny, fit people get cellulite.Have you ever tried a cellulite lotion or cream that actually helped firm the skin?
I've tried lots of different creams and lotions both expensive and cheap and I really don't think any works wonders but I do like Jergens Firming Lotion. It seems to make the skin just look a lot smoother and firmer. Maybe it's just an outward appearance but hey i like how it makes my legs look and feel. It makes your skin feel ultra soft and smooth which is nice and it's that costly. I always use it right after I get out of the shower when a little lotion goes a long way with the humidity of the bathroom after a shower. Oh and of all the grocery store lotions that I've tried (Loreal, Nivea, Olay, etc.) I've found that this one isn't sticky like the rest and it doesn't have that weird glue-like smell. Give it a try, if you haven't already. Good Luck!
I've discovered a natural treatment for cellulite after I read the good guide and info from this website. It works !! Most importantly, I saved a lot of money for not going to the salon.

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There are various kinds of cellulites. One is found in the muscles of active women like dancers and runners. The hard or solid cellulites are difficult to eliminate, since they are fixed directly to the muscles. But soft cellulites are highly visible and can give a sagging look to the body. But though they are present in bigger muscle areas, they can be easily removed.

Unfortunately, cellulite problems commonly plague women. The problem can begin at an early age of 14 years and the affected areas can become bigger as they age. Women taking birth control pills and new mothers are also highly susceptible. Injured persons are also likely to develop cellulites.

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I just started using Goodbye Cellulite Gel from Nivea. I am crossing my fingers. So far, so good.

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