Thursday, December 31, 2009


Has anyone ever tried any breast friming products....and if so what were the results and the product....i've always been curious to know if they actually work.BREAST FIRMING PILLS AND CREAMS?
The natural breast enhancement cream works by adding the missing nutrients to your breast. By massaging the cream to your breasts, it will help improve its elasticity. Collagen production will also result to fuller and firmer breasts. Your bust-line will look just the way it used to.

The benefits you can get from natural breast enhancement cream may include beautiful breasts. By beautiful, we mean round and smooth coupled with toned and improved breast tissues. It also develops cell growth, reduces PMS syndromes, helps in skin rejuvenation, lengthens the milk ducts and stimulates and expand fat tissues. These benefits can be attained without undergoing surgical or cosmetic surgery.BREAST FIRMING PILLS AND CREAMS?
some do and I am looking as well as. Some are just going to make your muscle swell in that area so they will feel swore and they get a little bigger but not much once yo stop that go back. That is from a body doctor that info. Go to a breast sight and a better is seen for 60 bucks or so. Creams too. The shots and more expensive things done by trans to change a sex still mostly need a surg like girls who want real enlargement.
I'm 22 years old and I've tried some breast firming pills, it didn't do a darn thing for me. I don't have a problem with sagging or boobies are veeeeeeery soft. Quite odd...and unfortunately the product did not work for me...
no the breasts are mostly fat and blood

they dont work they cant work and if they did the human body would leak fluid like a shower head
uhm.... i don't know how to firm them up but i know how to keep them from shrinking.....

hehe don't drink coffee _ it's a scientifically proven fact that coffee makes your boobs shrink.
it depends on the breast u want to use them on

can u show us yours so we can give u a correct suggestion?



They don't work. If you want to firm your breasts you need to work out, do chest excersizes.
uh, eww!

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