Saturday, December 26, 2009

Do bust lifting/firming creams work?

im a 34dd in my mid 20's and am starting to notice a little change due to gravity. i get my bra size checked every 6 months, so i know i have the right support. do bust lifting creams work, and if so could you recommend one? im not thinking of surgery, and i wouldnt be able to afford it anyway.Do bust lifting/firming creams work?
No, get a support is a good example why the small breasted people need to get over it the big ones just end up droopy.Do bust lifting/firming creams work?
No bust lifting/firming creams do not work. Don't waist your money.

Just use good support.
Those things may work on the little bitty girls but there will be no visible change in any woman with a cup size over a B.
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