Saturday, December 26, 2009

Firming creams and lotions?

Has anyone found any firming creams or lotions for your stomach that would help at all to get post pregnancy skin less stretched?Firming creams and lotions?
Well, I had a baby in February, and i had the worst stretch marks ever! I tried all the stretch mark lotions and creams that i could find...nothing seemed to ever work. So, i did a little research about it, and i found out that you cant really get rid of them with lotions, that you are stretched from the inside. But, I talked to several women about it, and someone told me to get a tube of ordinary hemmoriod cream, and a bottle of my favorite lotion. You put a little of both in your hand, mix it up, and rub it all over your belly. I thought it sounded crazy, but it actually helped a lot! It shrank them right up...they arent completely gone, but man, do they look better than they did!!!Firming creams and lotions?
No problem!!! Now, Keep in mind, that it didnt work took a few weeks of doing this for me to notice any changes, but, i promise you it did work. Just bear with the stinkyness of the hemmorhoid Report Abuse

bio- oil

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