Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bust firming cream?

i just bought victorias secret bust firming cream.

what does it do? cause im like not even sure.

im 13 and im a C cup, but my boobs are kinda saggy.

does the cream help to make them not saggy? and does it make them lift? and also will i have more cleavage? cause i have big boobs, but because there saggy even with a push-up bra i dont have much cleavage.Bust firming cream?
To tell you the truth I don't think any cream will ever work. Do u think that if the creams really made mearacles women would have saggy breast! The only think that would give u more cleavage or lift them would be a breast lift surgery. Don't spend your money on anything that promeses to make mearacles. If all creams really worked everyone would be perfect don't u think?Bust firming cream?
It will lift them a bit and maybe u will hav cleavage.
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