Monday, December 21, 2009

Bust firming cream ?!?

i just bought victorias secret bust firming cream.

what does it do? cause im like not even sure.

im 13 and im a C cup, but my boobs are kinda saggy.

does the cream help to make them not saggy? and does it make them lift? and also will i have more cleavage? cause i have big boobs, but because there saggy even with a push-up bra i dont have much cleavageBust firming cream ?!?
I'm sorry but your cream won't firm up your breast.

It's a matter of anatomy.

You can work on your pectorals muscles, which lie underneath your breast tissue for some added lift.

I would also invest in a good bra. You can go to a high end dept. store, they will help you find a bra that fits your needs.Bust firming cream ?!?
I highly the doubt the cream will make them bigger, un-sag them or give you more cleavage. If anything, they'll just make them firm, but that's about it. If you don't want saggy boobs, adjust your bra and stand up straighter. I have DD boobs, and they aren't saggy because I have good posture and a good bra.

Not to sound harsh, but that cream sounds like a waste your money.

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