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I had a baby and know my breast are soggy/lacking firmess, what is a good firming bust lotion/cream?

can you tell me name of product and if youve tried it and worked, and where to buy?I had a baby and know my breast are soggy/lacking firmess, what is a good firming bust lotion/cream?
Actually there is an Avon cream available called 'Bust Sculpt', and trust me, i have seen it work. A friend of mine had fairly substantial boobs before child birth and after her second child, well, lets just say they definately werent pretty anymore. In fact, we went to get her properly fitted for a bra, and the woman trying to do the fitting, gave up, they sagged that much and were just so soft. But after using the bust sculpt for 6 weeks, her stretch marks had faded, her breasts rose a full inch and she went up a bra size. I also used the cream as a preventative measure while pregnant with my second child, no extra stretch marks, i had small boobs to start with and they blew out, but they are now back to the exact same size i was before. I am also pregnant again and using it again, And my 55 year old mother has started using it and my dad actually commented on it.I had a baby and know my breast are soggy/lacking firmess, what is a good firming bust lotion/cream?
The only thing as far as products go that I have used to help with that problem is the bust shaper cream from avon. It helps alot but taking your arms and pushing yourself away from a wall or doing push ups is the best way to get rid of it.
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Don't waste your time or money on those type of products cause they don't work.You are better off saving your money up for breast implants, that is exactly what i am doing cause I have the same problem.
Happy Mothers' Day.

Women sure are wonderful with all they go through.

Creams do not work. Exercise does. Get into an exercise program with the intent of just firming up things.

I hope your husband is supportive and is not complaining. I know he loves you as is ---- you are his beautiful wife and you gave him a beautiful family.

My wife, mother of two, went through the same trials. I told her I loved her and helped as much as I could with the kids and the house work. They didn't call me the Ladies Home Companion for nothing.

Good luck and again, Happy Mothers' Day.
!Instead of buying bras that are i.e, (b cup) (c cup) (d cup) , get the bra that fits like 8.5 long 9 long and tube socks for the extra long.

I know this isn't that funny but, just trying to add some humor.

Exercise exercise exercise!
You can buy hundreds of products that CLAIM to firm. However, it's a billion dollar industry that I have yet to hear anyone that has actually benefitted from EXCEPT the people who sell them!!!

So, I would recommend a push-up bra. They have several styles %26amp; colors to chose from. A good place to look if you are looking for something sexy is Frederick's!! If you are looking for a good support bra as well, Playtex has excellent ones %26amp; does NOW sell some that are lacey. There are also tons of WHOLESALE places on the internet..... look around for a good deal!! I've seen several nice Playtex ones on clearance for $4-$12.
Try Avon.
right...all these firming creams that claim to ';firm the breast tissue'; are a load of crap, they do not work, all they want is your money.

The best way to get your breast firm again is to excercise the breast muscles, go to your local gym and ask them for some simple excersises that will help.

Breast tissue is made up mostly of fat so the chances are that you have lost a lot of fat from the breast area, causing them to sag.

In reference to another post, i have used to avon bust sculp and its hopeless, these creams only make the skin a little more tighter, they cannot replace lost breast tissue.
I had my daughter nearly 3 years ago and have yet to find a product otc that works. I suggest exercise, chest presses or maybe pilates. If nothing else u get in shape! Never the less good luck to ya!
Are u kidding me? No lotion/cream will fix that!! Don't be so naive. You need to get on ur hands %26amp; knees %26amp; do some pushups!! This will firm ur pectoral muscles.
my suggestion to you is to get a nice pushup bra because if there was anything on the market to help that less women would have saggy breast
Bust creams are not designed to lift breasts or remove saggy skin- that is why so many people are against them. They are meant to prevent premature ageing of your skin, hydrate and soften skin and create a supple appearance.

The only creams that do work are the ones which are sold in private salons and day spas. Most of them have very strong ingredients so you do need to try a sample before you buy as they can irritate some skin types. You could try the Design Cou Neck Cream from Payot AU $90 or the Pevonia Bust Cream- it is a fantastic product. These products in conjunction with exercise, exfoliating, massage, mask and cream on your bust will help tighten the skin on your bust and decolletage and will prevent premature ageing of the skin. They don't reduce bust size or saginess- only surgery will do that, but they will keep your skin looking young and taut- which is what bust creams do.
I'm sorry to tell you this but there is really nothing you can do short of plastic surgery. There are some VERY expensive creams on the market that claim to firm your breast but there are really none that work. I have tried them as well as Friends of mine. If plastic surgery is not an option, you may be able to firm up your chest muscles by doing a lot of push ups on a daily basis. This should help to tighten your pecs and should help to lift your breast and eliminate excess fat in that area, However it will only be a small improvement at best. My suggestion is a good push up bra. Victoria's Secret has excellent ones, although they are very expensive, They are worth every penny, and no one will ever know the difference!!!!(Believe me, i know being a mother of two!!!)

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