Thursday, December 17, 2009

Neck firming cream...?

Any suggestions?Neck firming cream...?
Virgin Vie Necker Gel has been formulated specially to suit the neck - it is a moisturiser gel which definitely helps to maintain firmness and helps prevent the skin from going crepey. It isn't one of the cheapest on the market, but it is effective and you use it very sparingly (a little goes a long way) so a jar lasts for ages.Neck firming cream...?
Clarins extra firming neck cream, it's wonderful stuff!
look in avon and look for the firming skin lotion!
Elemis do an amzing neck and bust firming cream
I have been using the anti aging cream from Arbonne -

I am not sure it's made it better but it has helped from making it worse.

It's all natural and contains 9 key components to help aging.

Do not use any product with mineral oil (vaseline, baby oil)

it hardens skin.
Try This

Plazan Decollate Cream has been specially developed for neck and decollate skin. The neck and decollate skin are exposed to the same detrimental environmental factors as the face and should be protected and cared for daily. Decollate Cream includes high-molecular Plazan to stimulate cell metabolism, hyaluronic acid to hydrate and prevent wrinkle formation and Hydrolizat of placenta's albumens to intensely nourish skin cells.

its a very good product....
not sure, sorry...
Go turtle,it's cute.
Nivea with Q-10! You'll be amazed!
Palmers Coco Butter has also worked really well as a toner =) x鈥?/a>
clarins is good - remember to smooth it upwards - dont drag your skin down
when you apply neck cream or any type of cream to your neck apply in a upwards motion from the bottom of the neck to the top instead of dragging your skin downwards this will make it worse also buy a stress ball and put it under your chin and clench and hold for a couple of seconds do this a couple of times a day this will tone the muscle in your neck making it tighter xx
Anything you use on your face should be used on your neck and down to, at least, your collarbone.

Mary Kay has a great skin care regimen for anti-aging. It is guaranteed to show a 56% reduction is fine lines and wrinkles and a 37% increase in skin firmness.
try vaseline intensive care firming cream its in a blue bottle
Hi there are many products out there, Dove proage has brought one out now and there new out so most of them are on offer. You cold try some of the Avon Anew range as these have products to suit all the stages of aging, They have the thremaferm and other products that can help with firming the neck, You apply all cream to the neck in an upwards motion. I would also get a firming body cream an apply this as well as the neck cream. So it might be worth checking out there website or getting a brochure delivered. As they have so may firming creams for the neck and body its hard to count.

There is a product called Mirror Mirror neck cream at the Lush Store Online,or you can go into a shop if you have one in your town/city, This only uses natural ingrediants to make the neck look liften and tones, and you can use it on your decolage too. I havent use it but my mum got the enchanted eye cream and that brilliant so Im guessing that works also.

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