Monday, December 21, 2009


i noe i sound a little stupid... but im confused. what is firming cream and how does it work and stuff. what's the best one? does it make you loose weight, or seem like you weigh less or something? im confused. please... just tell me like whatevr u noe. thanks. :)WHAT IS FIRMING CREAM?
it makes ur stomach, legs, or arms firmer

it looks like its toned

u just put it on just like lotionWHAT IS FIRMING CREAM?
Basically, firming cream is a cream that you put on your skin (usually the face and neck) to make your skin look tighter. The best way to describe it would be a cream that lifts that part of your body. There are some great benefits to it, also.
a firming cream is SUPPOSED to firm up your skin. and if you're young, you don't need that anyways.

it's all a crock so there's not a best one. if stuff was that easy, everyone would be beautiful

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