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Best eye firming cream?

I am only 16 (welll, almost 16) but sun exposure, the fact that my mom smokes, and probably rubbing my eyes has caused wrinkles and such under my eyes. I tried Neutrogena's visibly firm eye cream.. but it doesn't really seem to be working. I want to reduce the wrinkles and stuff the best I can. I don't have a problem with dark circles, thank god.

So, what do you suggest? Anything that works I will consider. Links to websites or something a plus. Thank you!Best eye firming cream?
You need a cream that Hydrates %26amp; Replenishes

Real Beauty Begins With Healthy Skin

The skin is the first line of defense and our face to the world. But too often, we don鈥檛 protect and nourish it as we should.

There鈥檚 nothing more beautiful than healthy skin. How many times have you wished that your skin still felt well-toned and had a healthy glow like years ago? The truth is that over time, our skin can become dull and dry.

Every day, every hour, every minute, our skin feels the effects of the sun, wind, cold, humidity, and dryness. If the skin isn鈥檛 protected against the abuses of the elements, the result is visible damage and signs of aging. When it comes to maintaining beautiful skin, nothing compares to a combination of good nutrition and the regular application of a quality skin cream.

I know of a skin Perfecting Cream that contains a specially prepared milk protein isolate. Two other important ingredients work to beautify your skin:

Emu oil hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

Sodium PCA is a naturally-occurring component of human skin that is thought to be responsible for an ability to trap moisture.

Together, the milk protein isolate, Emu oil, and Sodium PCA work to help shield your skin from the effects of the environment.

Traditional moisturizers are often pleasant to use but do not really moisturize the skin at all. Instead they consist of a thin greasy film that attempts to hold moisture in.

On the other hand, this Skin Perfecting Cream works below the surface to help maintain healthy-looking skin. Over time, skin will look softer and healthier and feel naturally moisturized.

The Skin Perfecting Cream I am recommending is most effective when used daily. In addition a tightening, lifting sensation will be experienced.

Feel free to contact me for any additional Information at

celenaper@yahoo.comBest eye firming cream?
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Stressing about wrinkles around your eyes at age 16 (almost) because your Mom smokes sounds weird.

Things you can do now. Eat healthy food. Drink plenty of water. Use good sunscreen or stay out of the Sun as much as possible. Get plenty of sleep. The Neutrogena eye cream should work good for you.

PS God has nothing to do with dark circles.

You should definetely try this cream - works like magic!鈥?/a>
At 15 (almost 16), I find it amazing that you're already experiencing signs of premature aging. Collagen synthesis in your body is at an all-time high. Excessive sun exposure resulting in premature aging doesn't usually become apparent until you are in your 20s. That's when your body's collagen production begins slowing down. And yes, being subject to second hand smoke would also accelerate the aging process.

I suggest applying sunscreen daily, eating healthy, exercising, and drinking plenty of water. If you insist on using an anti aging product, try Lifecell. It's the best money can buy.

Here's a review that you might helpful. Check it out.鈥?/a>
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