Thursday, December 17, 2009

Do slimming creams and firming creams really work?

They're supposed to help fight cellulite, and some even claim to make you slimmer!Do slimming creams and firming creams really work?
no they mom spent a lot of money from them from reputed companies but trust me they are not worth it at all............just try a balanced diet for slimming ideas and you wont even require a dumb and useless slimming cream ,................about the firming ones......those ones might just work !Do slimming creams and firming creams really work?
I'm not totally sure what you mean by slimming creams, but if u mean cellulite removing creams, i used nivea good bye cellulite cream, and it worked very well, i'm not overweight, but i had terrible cellulite on the back of my legs that wouldn't go away even when i worked out, so i tried it, and it has smoothed out my legs amazingly, i would recommend it for anyone, however, if you are looking for a cream that does more than smooth out cellulite, i'm not sure if they work. even this cream, had not shrunken the size of my legs, just smoothed them out
That's a negative love. If so, all women would look fabulous. Creams in general are great for our skins elasticity.
No, how can a cream make you slimmer when all you do is rub it in daily?
i don't think so, unfortunately :(

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