Thursday, December 17, 2009

Do anyone recommend a good eye firming cream?

Yes, I sure can! You don't want to put just any moisturiser under the eyes. This skin is unlike any other on your face. Most moisturisers are meant to plump up the skin to diminish the signs of wrinkles. There is an eye cream that actually gets rid of puffiness and dark circles. This eye cream has been Ophthalmologist Tested and Dermatologist Tested. Have you heard of Arbonne? Arbonne means ';Good Things of the Earth';. Arbonne is a European Health and Wellness company will over 400 products that are botanical and herbal based without chemical dyes, fragrances, no mineral oil, no harmful alcohols, no animal by products, not tested on animals. In fact, they are ';Certified Vegan'; as well as having ';Kosher'; vegetable protein drinks. The eye creme is the best you will find. They own their own formulas which have been developed in their own research and development lab called AIRD in Switzerland. They are also the first company to use an advanced delivery system that allows these pure and concentrated ingredients to get to the deepest layers of your skin. This is why they get such incredible results with their products. The eye cream is part of their Anti-Aging skin care line and it will tighten up your skin. The cell turnover rate is about 60 days. Around that time, you will see fine lines and wrinkles diminish! WOW! The products are manufactured in the States with distribution centers there as well as in Canada. Next month they will open a branch just outside of Sydney, Australia. Check out Click on ';simply the best products';.

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